Aphorisms XXVI

Un article de Caverne des 1001 nuits.

We must forget experiences, by fear of being bound to live the present instant through the memories of what it looks like.

Getting out of the net of causes and consequences is first of all a psychological labor.

The clarification of intentions is a primer concern for the religious man

Truth is no truth anymore when it is said cynically or to hurt.

So many suffering from the past keeps on living inside us and influencing our actions: this is Maya.

We can ask ourselves if there is a path. This question is irrelevant. There is no path but one step. And, a posteriori, steps are a path.

Ego is too often everywhere, inwardly for sure, but too often, we project it outwardly too.

To move on the spiritual path, we have to avoid projecting our ego in every person we meet.

We have a tendency to melt pure with impure things. This tendency can vanish progressively like disappearing veils.

If we could speak not when we do not know, the world would be more peaceful.

We should be tolerant about the use of words, because even if you seem to say the reverse of what I say, we could mean the same thing.

A lot of debates are only centered upon words, but not upon meaning.

Tradition does not exist strictly speaking. But let's say that eternal wisdom could be called tradition.

When we try to turn things as they are into things as they should be, we create new issues to be added to the ones that were there already.

Whether we want or don't want, things occur anyway.

Novelty is always illusion of the manifold.

The more we speak about the spiritual, the more it vanishes.

When we see differences in things, we are not being spiritual.

Truth is not hidden, but we don't want to see it. We prefer our known comfortable lies and escapes to it. The one who doesn't is religious.

When we have to face the truth brutally, we generally escape into two kinds of behavior: denial or doing as if nothing occurred.

The human mind has a limited number of thinking patterns. Those patterns are the basis of our conditioning.

Beyond the immense loneliness that pushes us to run away from life in desires and pleasures begins the domain of the Beloved.

Even if we are continuously trying to master things, we often don't realize we don't master anything.

Sometimes, we would like to express, then don't find the words, then remain silent. In this state, we don't lie anymore.

The round dance of the world is always running, on and on.

Humanity needs to be reassured, physically first, but also in a psychological way. This is this need that leads to conformism.

Why are we endlessly quoting other people? Perhaps because it is reassuring not to think by oneself?

So many of us are lost in useless social questions that prevent us to search for the beloved.

Society is not an abstract concept: it is only the set of my relationships with the people I interact with.

If you think you know the Truth, realize this is an indication you don't.

Thinking through clusters of ideas provides the illusion of thinking freely while the cluster drives the thoughts like a prison.

Ideas and ideologies go by clusters. Thus, it is common to meet people that think in clusters.

Rather than protection through isolation, protection can be found through non resistance, but a non resistance without object.

Happiness lies in the world of opposite. As a matter of fact, we cannot target happiness without getting the opposite.

To go to Him, we must know ourselves, so our mind, so our ego, so our intellect. When we see all that, it remains a heart to polish.

There are nor beginning nor end. This are just steps in the present time.

We are too afraid of failure and all what this word means. Failure is a judgment while error is a fact. Let us stick to the fact.

As children, we all make errors, continuously, and fail on the path. But Beloved, your forgiving Highness helps us to move forward.

One day, every person is facing a choice : going on outwardly into pleasure seeking (even delicate ones) or seeking inwardly for the Truth.

The most the pleasure is subtle, the larger the pain is when this pleasure is not there. That's why wise men are simple.

Thought, even if we think it is personal, is a common attribute of humankind. That means we all think and too often the same things.

Beyond manifestation is love.

The walls outside are just the reflection of the inward walls.

The Beloved is in all hearts. Some have just too must rust over their heart to see God's reflection upon it.

We must not despise any religion because in themselves they have the same heart, the same impulse of mankind towards Him.

The relationship to the guide must not be based on authority but on mutual trust, as two friends making a step towards the Beloved.

The spiritual path is one of the most dangerous journeys ever because of the number of different traps one has to avoid while following it.

Seeing the world as it is is the first step to stop projecting what it could or should be.

Spiritual things take a long time to infuse beyond words and intellectual apprehension.

Saying there is no method does not mean we cannot be guided but means that guidance cannot be reduced to imitation.

We cannot say there is no path because each of us has a path.

A creative mind does not pursue creation; it just 'occurs'.

We must not confuse creation as a capture of the spirit of the time with a creative mind.

Respectability and conformity are not compliant with the spirit of the religious man.

Rare are the people with no heart, but they are.

In so many written words, one must follow his heart silently instead of saturating his head.

There are often pure ways of acting, but those ways do not involve intellect.

All things lead to the One. That is why some people use the word path.

The outward wars and conflicts are the result of the continuous inward war and conflict.

'I' can talk about ego.

Duality is the world of men, Oneness is the path to God.

Overcoming the duality leads to the One.

Love is not the negation of hate.

The process of becoming is bringing inward conflict as outward conflict. Becoming should be choice-less.

Negative understanding can be the highest level of understanding in life, provided it is a negative without opposite.

When we are in the negative approach, we often are in reaction to something. The referential is still the one of the something.

Non action is not the negative of action. It is the substance of action.

Authority only relies on the fact that one people will order and one will obey. If one of them is not acting, the illusion breaks down.

Things are done by themselves. That means that non action is somewhat the real action.

The ego is a subtle illusion that is revivified if we fight against it.

We only learn when investigating about ourselves. The rest is useless accumulation of intellectual knowledge.

Spiritual words are odd: they do not speak to the ones that are deaf, and the ones they speak to do not need them.

The objective of man is to be free. That is throughout this freedom that man can 'meet' 'God'.

We must break free from family first because this cell is too often the origin of belonging, of division and conflict.

Rejecting authority is an inward behavior before it manifests. It begins with parents ang ego.

Acts should be done with no particular reason, just because things must be done, without the intellect to confuse things as they are.

If you want to free yourself 'from', then you will never be free. Except if you free yourself 'from' ego.

Freedom is not 'having the choice'. Freedom is not a relative state.

There is no authority, no leader, no guru, no ideal, no theory, no method, etc. And this is not small talk.

Wisdom has nothing to do with age or experience or intellectual knowledge. Wisdom is seeing what is.

Being wise is not being stuck into one's experience. It is seeing the truth with no judgment.

The ego likes to act like a child or a player. That is why so many aged people are not wise but childish.

Comparison is measure in a reactive way. It is a cause of conflict.

Measure is a representation. Indeed it is not the thing measured but a judgment.

Being born as a religious person means being dead for the ego.

Measurement is the core function of our intellect. When measure disappear, the religious person can be born.

When you don't accept lies (personal, social, etc.), when you stick to the truth, respectable people will treat you as a madman.

If something is represented whereas it should not be, then it can become easily ideology, and so cause conflict and pain.

Our supposed creations are not creations but at most the expression of some talent. To be creative, one need to be free.

Is there a path to spiritual matters? Probably the 'not not' method of the ancient Rishis - which is not a path by the way.

The world of opposites is far from the truth because it is the world of opinions. Opinions have no importance at all in spiritual matters.

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