Aphorisms XXIV

Un article de Caverne des 1001 nuits.

With thoughts, we can demonstrate everything and its opposite. This is because inference is never pure from our ego and our conditioning.

Believe in Truth, practice the Truth, speak the Truth. Wisdom begins here: in the Truth.

The thinker cannot see another way of living exists that through the thoughts. He tries to imagine the possibles and can't see what is.

This is a fact that the more you have knowledge, the stronger your ego is.

The scholar is attached to knowledge like the rich is attached to the material possessions. And knowledge ties even more than things.

The scholar does not think by himself but only in reference to the other's thoughts. That's why he cannot get rid of thoughts.

Knowledge and wisdom are going in two different directions. The wise man can get rid of knowledge whereas the scholar cannot get wisdom.

Action is a complex thing to understand. We try to enslave action to ideology whereas action can only be in freedom.

Thought is a good tool for common life but it should be limited to certain areas. For others, thought is a poison blinding us.h

Action should not be the result of the thought, or action takes place in the referential of the past. If this is, the unknown cannot happen.

In the relationship, we think we can get things from others. But there is a space where gaining something has no meaning anymore.

Melancoly is living in the past. It is easy for mankind because the thought is located in the past. Indeed, the thought is the past.

Even if we all speak the same words, we never mean the same things when using those same words. Beware of the word which is not the thing.

We are full of dreams and imagination. But this cannot stand for reality.

Some will say I am wise. Some will say I am mad. Whatever. If only they knew that 'I' don't really is.

No theory can make you better, no practice. Just calm down and feel what is.

Perceiving what is enables to shut down the ego and to unite inwardly.

Several plans are existing in ourselves. When we reach the core of us, we discover the Void.

Real experience is perceiving what is. This perception brings no accumulation. The past moment dies immediately.

We think in order to have experiences in the known. All those theories about the the world are just here to hide our fear from what is.

If we can see the mind as it is, then all thoughts are vanishing.

Sex has become very important because it is the only way mankind can free for a moment from the mind.

For ages, we are searching for the truth. But if we have an opinion on what we will find, we only search for a projection of ourselves.

When we talk about love, we should use other words. Because love is rare whereas attachment, fusion, possession are common.

Culture is a burden for the mind. Most of people have read too many books. They are just quoting.

Mankind knows so well how to copy, dreams so badly about what to become. But who really is?

When you listen to an intelligent man, you try to be as he is. It is not intelligence but copy. We are raised upon copying.

Mankind should look at all the things that did not work in the past and try to avoid them. Then the path to reality would open.

To be wise, people should look at the idiots. Because looking at intelligent people is a stupid thing making you stupid.

No theory can cope with reality. That's why we usually prefer theories to what is.

Things can change if we have no will to change them. Changing things by will is a cause of conflict.

What is cannot be a problem. It is. If what is is a problem, this is because the problem is inside us.

In the sphere of thought, there are only false problems and false answers.

Teaching other's thoughts is a strange idea when we know we should teach how to get rid of other's thoughts.

Our ego is so full of himself that we think we can be original. But ego, like thoughts, cannot be original.

The first error we make is thinking that we have personal thoughts whereas thousands of people think what we think.

Thought is material.

It is not sure that we really evolve; on the contrary, we could evolve badly by accumulating too many material things in our minds.

Ambition is one of the source of conflict as becoming is. Is there a way to live out of ambition and becoming?

When we cannot see facts as they are, we argue about the fact that truth is relative.

Mankind has a huge experience in creating escapes from what is. Imagination is one of them.

We are all, at one point in our life, facing the issue of finding what we are. Most of us escape from that question.

Truth is not hidden, but so many of us decided not to search for it.

We often have the illusion of wanting to change things. Indeed, we want things to change to get more pleasure from them. Not change, desire.

We should ask ourselves if it is normal to manage relationships psychologically as we manage technical things in our lives.

We should be more careful about the self proclaimed experts. Instead of unveiling things, they usually put people into darkness.

Obeying to an authority is always a trade : freedom for a material gain such as money, position, reputation, power, etc.

Lots of us criticize war, but we are doing it in our very daily life, inwardly and outwardly, through our ambition and our egotism.

Inward confusion is coming from the battle of thoughts and the fight of contradictory desires.

Action that is coming after thought is not the appropriate action.

Nothing exists but what is in the present. There are no such things as past and future.

Thinking is our psychological time. As personal thinking is an illusion, time is also a construction of the mind.

Thinking takes place in the present but is never related to the present but always to the past.

Illusion begins by thinking that 'we' think.

When we pretend to think by our own, we'd better be sure that habit, society, experience, tradition, etc. is not the thinker.

We have to be very attentive about the way we think. Because we usually think we have personal opinions whereas it is not true.

So many if us consciously prefer to live in an illusion. We think the illusion protects whereas it is the root of pain.

We feed in books, from the experience of others of from ours. But we never take the time to really talk about what life is.

Few people, instead of criticizing, are able to lead people to take conscience of what they really did and that they cannot see.

The question, once formulated, is a trap made by its very words.

Asking a question is already formulating a problem in a certain way. Answering is closing the door. This is representation, not what is.

Question and answer is an illustration of duality. Can this really be in that direction that truth is?

We may ask ourselves the same questions, but we may not have the same answers. Indeed, we might have no answer at all.

We cannot deny that mankind has unsolved questions, perhaps because no answer is totally satisfying.

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