Aphorisms XXIII

Un article de Caverne des 1001 nuits.

Listen to the noise of the world, which is the noise within, and be attentive to this moment out of time.

Are we able to stop doing things for a while in order to get out of confusion?

For the ones who discovered reality, there is no need to express it. the reason is simple: expressing it is loosing it.

If I can formulate a law, this law is not true. Truth cannot be formulated easily because it always changes.

We are never suspicious enough about our thoughts.

A lot of people are talking about the other's mistakes. But can we face the fact that we are mistaken too?

Fighting with one another has no meaning of the ego is not there.

We are all in search for security and love, in a certain extent. This research shows itself in what should be versus what is.

Non action is a valid action when circumstances are obviously absurd.

With aggregated experience, the mind narrows because it is not able to accept anymore what is without attaching the fact to the known.

We are the conclusion we made about life. The more we conclude, the more we are dying, inwardly.

Some of us think we must have an idea before acting. But, what if there were no correlation between action and idea?

We are used to assimilate wrongly, happiness, joy, comfort and pleasure.

We can see the depth of our conditioning when we begin to discuss life, thinking and concepts.

Most of people that want to guide others are not correctly guided themselves. They want to show the direction but have no idea of it.

When we accept what is by being attentive to it, the very notion of issue disappear, so does the contradiction.

When there is comparison, there is conflict, confusion. Comparison is always relative, so far from truth.

We are so much and so little at the same time that we should understand that measure is not the proper way to base our thoughts.

When self confidence is, it can be a way to seeing things as they are, so without the self.

To get rid of the self, we first need a little of self confidence, even if we may be bound to feel about what this is.

One of the problems of philosophy is considering that the word is the thing. Indeed it is not.

We have too often the tendency to reduce the unknown to the known. This leaves us unsatisfied as we close out the perception of what is.

Reputation does not mean value, freedom or truth, in politics as in philosophy.

If we dig sufficiently into conditioning, we can understand manipulation.

Medias, politicians, preachers and philosophers would like to lead us. Accepting their authority turns us into pretended guided robots.

it is not so obvious that we know how to think. Thinking may be first knowing what thinking really is.

Most of the times, when we think we are thinking, we are manipulated. Or by others, or by our own past.

Religion can hide personal paths, itineraries of freedom that do not belong to and are often falsely attributed to some tradition.

Most of us are or looking forward or looking backwards, but cannot be attentive to what is. This is why there is conflict inwardly.

Observer and observed are one single entity. That is why all self judgment are irrelevant.

It is said that love is blind whereas it is the reverse; vision can only be through the heart and never through the mind.

In order to reveal what is, some of us can use some help. Help of love first, then some very few books may act as mirrors.

We cannot change. We can only reveal what is and accept it.

If you seek the truth, begin by seeking where no one is looking.

Conditioning is dangerous to the mind because it leads to being manipulated.

Is it so important to ensure remote uncertain truth when inward truth, the closest one, is unknown?

So many people consider true so many facts that are impossible for them to verify.

We are sponges absorbing good and bad influences. One day, we have to flush all the inward stagnating influences to clean our heart out.

The absence of thinking is not the absence of consciousness. It is the contrary and is called differently depending on times and places.

The more we think, the less we solve important issues. Thinking shows that there is conflict inwardly.

We usually trust thought, but when things work, thought is often totally out of them.

We are used to think naturally. But we are not used to ask ourselves about what thinking really is.

Some say there is no path. Some say there is a path. I suspect all say the same but not from the same perspective.

When we try to be what we are not, there is conflict. When we are what we are, we can foresee that it is not obvious that we are.

We should never judge others knowing how similar we are from the one we judge.

It is incredible how many lies we can tell in a day pretending telling the truth.

Being attentive must not mean saying 'I am conscious that I'm doing that'. Being attentive is observing the 'I'.

Even if we pretend to communicate, we are still lonely, above all within all this technology.

There is the one in solitude, the one which is seeing inward loneliness and the isolated. Those are three different states.

So many gurus tried to isolate themselves from the world, but they were taking with them the accumulated knowledge of society.

Loneliness is a inward state we must be aware of. It is not solitude but the fact or seeing that inwardly there is just ourselves.

Fear is the center of our psyche. Fear of losing what we accumulated so greedily, fear of not being loved anymore, fear of loneliness.

As we are afraid of becoming our own guru, we seek gurus outside whereas we could be both guru and disciple.

Habits are mindkillers. When we go into habits, our attention fades. Morale and principles are replacing what is.

Sometimes in life we have to figure out wether we like truth or security most.

It is so easy to tell someone what he or she wants to hear, and so hard to tell the truth people never want to hear.

Mankind has always wanted to last. The projection in the future is an escape from what is in order to have a guarantee on what will be.

When love is, thought is not, time is not. There is just love.

Affliction can be so hard when we pursue an impossible target. Seeing what is allow to calm down affliction.

Don't fill your heart with theories, or you will become the theory. Unless the theory is a way to hide yourself behind other's thoughts.

If we were not so attached by our little possessions, we could love. But the heart is so often full of useless lifeless items.

The world never lacked intelligence, but it lacked love.

Thoughts are full of dogmas. One of the wicked dogmas of thoughts is the cult of thought.

Freedom is beginning by inward freedom, and so by getting rid of dogmas.

Love comes with freedom. That's why so many people only think they love whereas they want to own, to possess.

In love, there is no time anymore.

Most of us crave for love and security whereas those two things are not compatible.

We must not confuse loving and searching the security of the love of another.

To feel love, we must leave the hiding or avoiding spirit that lies in thought.

I saw today an amazing look.

To feel love, we must give up all theories.

Discovering love is the greatest thing in life. It means clearing the barriers of self protection.

We have to know what we mean by love. Love is an easy word to say but who knows really what love is?

Wanting to change is creating a discrepancy between what is and what should be. We only change by seing what is.

The is always a reason for us not to see what is. Knowing that reason is the beginning of self knowledge.

We are only afraid about our fantasies because there is no reason to be afraid of what is.

If we cannot see the reality, we are in the fantasies of our thought.

When we follow a guru, we are not free, whoever or whatever the guru can be.

When we wee ourselves from the outside, we can wish we were different. But this illusion is putting us in the dead end of what should be.

Talking about yourself is often irrelevant.

The more you know about yourself, the less you talk about you.

The issue of social rebellion is that it remains full of the current world paradigms.

Being for a theory or being against is exactly the same sterile movement.

Why hysteria has become a standard?

When we realize that the purpose is only an idea, and idea is past, we can focus on being attentive to the present.

We should let the things do by themselves sometimes instead of wanting to control them.

We look forward too often instead of living now through what is.

When it is about common knowledge, we should learn from others; when it is about life, we must learn by ourselves.

Outward knowledge is too often a facade to protect our inward emptiness.

When representation is too far from what is, neurosis develops.

A lot of us seem incapable of seeing what is. We generally prefer seeing what should be; this is why we suffer.

Why are we used to have the thoughts preceding action ?

The products of the will are never spontaneous. All thoughts are not the truth.

By admiring success, greed is socially considered as acceptable. Greed is the consequence of fear of being empty.

Arrogance and greed are killing the world. If we realize completely what those feelings are, we can act differently.

Lying is the basic structure of communication. Is it only possible to speak the truth?

There is a place where we can never be satisfied about the way we express things, because some things cannot be expressed.

The word is a screen between us and reality. As soon as the word appear, we cease to see things as they are.

All rules having 'all' in their formulation are false.

It seems complicated to follow a spiritual path only by oneself, because of the various traps that are present along the way.

We are in the illusion of continuously running in lack of time whereas we only run from our own void.

At the end of the day, consequences of our own acts must be faced.

Knowledge is currently used as a mean to feel superior whereas it is often limited to some information coming from books.

When an ideology is bringing conflict and death, it is in the name of the future. "Sacrifice now for later" is a pattern for stupidity.

People fight because of their various opinions. But no opinion nor ideology is worth the death of one single human being.

The problem of the intellectual answer is that it has the structure of an opinion. That's why we have to get rid of answers.

Filling our minds with theories is a way to find answers. But why do we need answers to intellectual issues that are not real?

Our mind is so full of theories that we cannot see reality. That's why we are afraid of death, because we are afraid of life.

if we can get rid of the representation, then we can face the facts. Facing the fact is a step towards what is.

L'inconnu, c'est l'indicible, l'instant qui révèle, c'est la regénération intérieure sans volonté, la vision pénétrante, l'amour, la beauté.

Conscious and subconscious have the same structure: they are based on the past, on the experiences, on the conditioning, on the traditions.

Change comes with the vision of what is, without resistance, judgment, justification or condemnation. Change is son of what is.

If there is an effort to change, then we cannot change. Change comes with no effort.

We should be very cautious about judgment. When we judge someone for something he did, we have to know that now, he can be different.

Everything changes. Through this change, this is death that we can see, not death we should be afraid of, but death as a fact that is.

Vengeance is an intellectual projection of a trade between the past victim and the future victim. With that in mind, the ego hides reality.

Vengeance makes a false connection between what we suffered and what the responsible or our suffering should suffer in return.

Vengeance is the craving for the pleasure to hurt in the future. This is a burden when having it and no relief when done.

Freedom can only be conceived with the understanding of death.

If we can die to all the past, die to all the experiences, to all the weights of traditions and knowledge, we can be free.

If we understand that thought is related to dead things, that thought strictly cannot invent, then we can seek for the living: the present.

To know all about life, we have to know all about death. Death is beginning by yesterday, the past, the memories, etc. All that is dead.

Hiding, avoiding, forgetting or running away are two methods that we know so well to get out of our common problems.

The real revolution is the one of the mind, above all when it seizes to exist.

Having permanent principles is possible only if we cannot see what is.

People that do not change at all are dead people. How can we stay the same while nothing is permanent?

Living in our head is simple provided 'I' does not exist. This space within enable the contact with reality.

In some places of the world, God was replaced by the 'Sate', but the old habits remain the same. Worshiping is not love but fear.

Progress involves time and time is or the past of the thoughts or the projection of the past unto the future. Present is no time.

Progress is a fact in technology; it is a myth, an illusion, in psychology or philosophy or religion.

Learning through books is killing our capability of seeing things by ourselves. If we can quote, we have to realize that we forget to live.

When we don't understand the signification of rituals, this can be because there is no signification. No ritual can make us learn love.

When people want to make us what we are not, we are in inward suffering, divided between what you are told we should be and what we are.

Philosophies and organized religions are proposing methods, and methods are creating the conflict between what we are and what we should be.

What is more important for you? To find the reality, the truth, God or to be trendy? What is the real purpose of life?

People often think they should think more to some problems. But on the contrary, they should think less. Meditation is no thinking at all.

A method is made by an authority. When you follow a method, you follow an authority. This is an anti-freedom movement.

No method can be used to be free. If you follow a method, then you are entering in a prison in order to be free. This is absurd.

There are so many ways to loose oneself that only a real awareness can protect us from following, borrowing or copying behaviors and models.

To untie from society, one must observe how society works in himself. This is much more than philosophical or sociological thoughts.

Family is the first circle of society, the first place where creativity is killed by traditions, religions and social conventions.

Some of us will have to break up with their family and to put at stake what is considered by so many as things as they should be.

We often don't realize that we are what we seek for.

Suffering is one of the question mark that will lead people to investigate the knowledge of the self.

The vision of the suffering of others must raise the will to do something, and not a cold resignation based on self centric thoughts.

I met at noon people in suffering; they used to work with me. How can a company do that to people? Waisted energy and waisted minds.

Studying what is without judgment is the beginning of self knowledge. Instead of trying to be what we are not, let us be what we are.

Wanting to change society is often comparable of wanting to change the color of the social prison walls. This impulse can bring no better.

La société ne vante que le devenir, car le devenir est la mort, une mort socialement correcte. Seul être au présent est révolutionnaire.

La vérité n'est pas bonne à entendre car elle se présente comme un miroir de ce qui est et non de ce qui devrait être. D'où le déplaisir.

Si on enlevait des bibliothèques, les livres pour passer le temps et les livres des érudits, il ne resterait rien. Et la vie serait ouverte.

Penser n'est pas le problème. Tout le monde pense. En fait, penser pose des problèmes. D'où l'intérêt de ne pas penser, juste pour voir.

The words are so limited that truth cannot be expressed with words. Words are screens between us and reality.

Our issues are thoughs and emotions. Let them run like the river, observe them as they come without judging, and the truth will come.

Philosophies and organized religions are ideologies. Just ideologies. They can bring only pain, conflict, suffering and death.

Why are we used to quote people? Because we are so void, so vain inside, so empty. But it is absurd to fill the void with quotes.

Society is not an external object to think upon; it is an inward reality. To be free means understanding the society we are inwardly.

Certes, ce n'est pas parce que l'on pense que l'on pense bien. Mais tant de philosophes pensent si mal que l'on peut penser tranquille.1

C'est drôle, tous ces gens qui lisent tout le temps. Je lisais tout le temps avant. Avant de commencer à penser par moi-même.

When we ask if science and spirituality are complementary, we should ask first what they are in reality instead of building upon theories.

The search for security brings us to protect what we know with inward walls. Indeed, we don't want to realize that nothing is permanent.

Countries obsessed by lies are countries that legitimate lies as a standard of social behavior. We usually hate our own projections.

The obvious is no so obvious. It is sufficient for us to suspend our activity during one minute and be perfectly attentive.

Why do we fear death? Because our ego fears to disappear? But understanding death is the condition for seeing things as they are.

Instead of thinking by ourselves, we continuously seek for a master. This is why we always have second-hand thoughts.

The purpose of education is to enable children to be free. For that, we must allow them to be what they are and to know what they are.

The simplest way to advance in life is to realize that advancing is an illusion, except for the one who learns to know himself.

La recherche de sécurité tue l'amour.

J'aimerais avoir des certitudes, comme avant. Mais plus le temps passe, moins j'en ai. Au fait, à quoi servent les certitudes ?

Twitter is a cult to immediate things. After some hours, the words are lost forever.

All those people alone in front of their screen that believe they are not alone... How could we get there?

Soudain, je vois je. Mais qu'est-ce que "je" ? L'ego qui croit qu'il est... Hahaha, c'est trop drôle.

Ambition makes men appear in the frontlines; absence of ambition make men disappear.

All this energy spent for material purposes whereas we could learn all about life. What if we spent some time learning what life really is?

We don't always realize the negative effect of what we use to feed ourselves.

What is more important than to be a all rounder in life?

Why working so hard and being in conflict with one another? To fulfill our ambition? But ambition cannot be fulfill, like an eternal hunger.

People are suffering of being result oriented. Because nothing sane can come from pursuing achievements except ego reinforcement.

Implementing Babel's library from Borges would lead to generate 1.432 x 101.925.802 books. Much more than atoms in the universe.

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