Aphorisms XXVII

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Ego, again and again, is blinding people about what they really are. When the ego stands in the way, the mirror is dark.

Our mind is so full of patterns that we only seek for the repetition of the known and we don't see the present.

Manhood tends to tackle problems on a superficial way. The depth of truth remains out of reach for most of us.

Words are meant to be forgotten for people to continue walking on their path.

Manhood would be more calm if everyone had nothing to prove to the others.

Le pessimisme ou le cynisme sont acceptables socialement tandis que la vérité vous fait passer pour un fou.

For many years, I only read the surface of the world. Now I understand what it means to go deeper in things. This work is with no end.

My wife is a like the sky: she is the purest being when stormy clouds are not here to hide her beauty.

If we want wisdom, we can find it because it is not hidden. But is our heart ready to accept the truth of it?

Words are meant to understand that we have to burn them inside with the rest of the 'I'

Occidental culture obeys the same accumulation logic than material assets. Indeed, culture is matter and it obstructs the mind.

One disease of the mind is to see things through the right and wrong glasses.

Man is frightened by disorder even if disorder is somewhat the core of human life. Disorder is what is versus what we think should be.

The world may be yours, you won't really own anything at all.

Unto the path of the Beloved, Our ego is our first and only enemy.

It is quite awkward that we tend to live our mental life through the writings of others. This is one cornerstone of conditioning.

Signs of conditioning: put too much hope in someone, in some ideology, in some dogma, etc., or in their absence, their denial.

Signs of conditioning in our thoughts: to feel trapped, closed, imprisoned, to think you have no choice, that the society makes it all...

Most of us think under conditioning. One of the first sign of it is to believe you worry when you are told what to worry about.

I sometimes wish there were no words to separate people. For words are illusions filling the heart with ideas instead of love.

Most of us desperately seek to be loved while their heart is not full of love. Love always and ask nothing in return!

Complexity is never true.

The rainy night is bringing its pot of contingent water noises in which melts the singing of the hoot.

With time, I become more transparent, as if I was vanishing from the world.

Each time I speak, I realize I could abstain myself.

Some people carry a real bad karma.

Maya is not a concept. It is real and it takes a while to understand it, see it, feel it.

To have a real exchange, you have to be two people listening to each other. This is quite hard to find.

Contrary to what some people may think, false gurus are very useful: they show that some gurus can be true.

If only the pure in intentions were to be religious men and women, there would be nobody in the temples.

Psychology is a subset of religion. A religious man cannot but be interested in psychology.

Exotericism and esotericism division may only be the consequence of dogma. With a more opened dogma, there is only a path amongst others.

To a certain extent, worrying about all the issues of the world is a waste of energy that you may have used doing what you are supposed to.

This is not our ideas that run inside our heads but must often the weight of our deeds. Abandoning the fruits of deeds clears the mind up.

When you can let go what you think you created or built with pain and sweat, then you begin to have a vision of the truth.

We are all here in this world to get a better understanding of ourselves and to clean up our hearts. This means facing the deepest fears.

It is not so obvious that the evil can come out of our actions. Most of us do not intend to be evil and nevertheless some of us are.

I did experience real evil on some rare occasions. Most of the time, it was just evil coming from unconscious silliness.

Intellectual concepts are a source of conflicts, because two people can never have the same mental representation of concepts.

Society must not be reduced to an intellectual concept. Society is made of the relationship there is between me and you.

We cannot reject society as it is. Rejection brings more conflict and closes the door of issue understanding.

It is rare to read things about God and to be inwardly sure they are harmless. Too often, religious standpoints are aggressive or dogmatic.

Words are often so empty. And yet they can be so full of love, so deep that they feed our heart.

There comes a moment in life when you discover how useless you are - except through the love you give. In this time, He is.

Beware to the multiple reflections of ego! When you stop seeing yourself everywhere, then you can see Him.

When you see reasoning in a saint text, you just see a mirror or yourself.

Denial of reality is denial of truth. It is linked to denial of God and worship of the ego. It seems a common posture in Kali Yuga's era.

You don't need books to meet the Great Friend, you just need your heart.

You can forget everything but monotheism.

Sufism is the path of balance between heart and mind.

The Beloved is within that very second.

Ego is one for all people, and not multiple.

When we speak, we know not. When we know, we speak not.

People do not want to know the truth. On the contrary, most of us want only to remain blind and deaf.

If we took the thoughts of others out of our minds, we would face void or creation.

Healing the body is not an outward concern, but an inward one.

People give outward advices to be well and live happily. I try to heal my numerous inward scars, praying you my Friend.

The more we speak, the more we lie or criticize or make mistakes or say untrue things. In silence, aphorisms are quite a long novel.

Long ago, I discovered I was not like the others. Now, I could not tell.

We should never count on what we gained, because all gain is an illusion.

People suffering is huge, even in people that convinced themselves they don't suffer.

If intellectual representations can make us see illusions rather than reality, emotions usually do the same.

Amongst all that I have written, silence is best.

It is not so obvious that what we call 'our' thoughts really are ours.

We have to realize that error is linked to thinking and that it is an eternal truth. This implies that we should be humble in our thoughts.

In life, or you are a slave to someone, to some social structure, to some ideology, etc., or you are free through submission to the Beloved.

Men are slaves to their lies and fears and ideologies whereas the religious man is free.

Seeing what is requires some courage, because by assuming it, you will contradict those who live in a fantasy.

Our problem is that too often we refuse to see what is to prefer to think about what should be.

Religion is like a jewel. There are so many fakes that pretend to be authentic.

Not every perverted form of religion can apply to all cultures.

We must learn how to act, because this is not obvious. We must learn what are absolute acts, acts that are not reactions but actions.

When an act is done while waiting a reciprocity or a reward of any kind, then the act is not pure and not sincere.

Our main enemy was, is and will be ego. This statement identifies a basic principle of religion.

The way to get out of the action reaction chain is not to be attached to the fruits of our own actions.

We always pay the consequences of our own acts, because we are submitted to the action reaction chain.

We must fight against the patterns of thought that are inside our minds and that produce already thought conclusions.

The cult of God must not turn into the cult of ego. It happens when people believe God is only immanent and not transcendent.

To breathe spiritually, we need space inwardly.

Love is a space where there is no measurement.

If we promote measure, then our god should be the computer. It is much better than we to measure.

Intellect does not appreciate, does not taste nor feel: it measures. The path is not to measure anymore.

Manhood invented lots of tricks to forget to be living. Most of us are experts in avoidance.

We are so empty that we continuously crave for filling our brain with someone else's thoughts.

When we are emotionally attached to some past memory, we usually react badly to a new fact concerning that very memory.

Real revolution of the mind happens when we see the facts as they are.

We should learn to distinguish between opinion and truth.

Hoarding always generates troubles.

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