Prayers I

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My Friend, how can you be so huge and powerful and merciful? Make me drink from your breath and closed lips!

When you see a thing in someone, this thing could be in yourself. Let the Beloved polish our heart in the mirror of human beings!

I know that I am nothing. I know that I is nothing. I know that I is You!

In the path of Love, Dearest Friend, you are Love! In the path of inward burning, You are Void! Let Your love burn me inwardly to ashes!

The world is made of Your signs that are so dazzling that most of us cannot see them! Your dance is the world's pulse!

Lord, when my body dies, make sure my ashes are used to make pots for the religious beings to drink from it!

The love for You is the fuel of my heart! Without it, I would be ashes!

Beloved, make me slow down everything and stay still in Your breath where nothing else exists.

I bow to You, old Friend, Creator and HereAndNow! But as the waters lies down in the bottom of the valley, I bow to the bottom of water!

My Lord, what fun You make of things! Humans see the chaos while You are Order! Keep on dancing loops with the Universe!

Here and there, now and ever, I will praise for Your lips without words to burn me to ashes! Beloved! Pulse my blood a bit more for love!

I face my real void. And You are there. Is I there too? Not tonight. Just Your fingers typing Your names on and on.

Parfois, j'ai l'impression d'avoir mille ans tant je suis vieux et que ma barbe est blanche. Pourtant, mon Ami est plus présent que jamais.

Lord, You gave me the strength to face and accept and understand what is. In a path of solitude and inner void.

Mon secret est si vaste que rien ne peut le contenir. Il est si ténu qu'on pourrait le croire vide. Il est tissé dans les fibres du coeur.

Beloved, You are the source of the light reflecting on my heart that I polish hardly. So many veils are between us while You are so close!

Old Rishis were right and their wisdom is a treasure. But who better than I can make the I better before the I vanishes in You?

Beloved, guide the blind in Your path! Guide the ones seeking truth in Your path! Guide the ones which mind seeks the One to You!

The day is ending Merciful Friend, a long day of men and women agitation. Let peace touch them in their sleep.

Words are so useless.

Within the house of wine, You stand. Within the wine, You stand. Withing the veils hiding the heart, You stand. Within the heart, You stand!

My end is near, Great Friend, my end which is to you just a second of form taken by mud. May my dirt be used for other dervishes!

Let me drink, Friend of the friends! Let me drink from the glass of mud made with the dead princes, poets and poor people! Before I leave!

In the cold cloudy night, the silence is Your language, the presence is Your mystery, the flame of the heart is Your breath!

I sing Your names, Dearest! I call Your face, Heart of the heart! I invoke Your breath, oh Lord! I turn on and on and on in Your universe!

Oh Beloved! Oh my Friend! Are we pawns you play with? Are we music instruments you play unto? Definitely we are dancers in your sama!

We are eveyone, we are everything and yet we are nothing! Beloved enchant the world that dances around us!

Beloved, having changed the way I see, You changed also the way I speak and the way I feel. Even 'I' is changed to ashes!

I look back at the day and in Your quietness, Beloved, I see my agitated mind and all the built illusions. Then all vanishes in silence.

Beyond external appearance of disorder is our thoughts' disorder. Beyond that, there is Order, Yours, my friend!

You are here and then You disappear from my sight. In despair, I seek for You to discover that You never ceased to be there, in everything.

My very self is burnt! I lost my words in a silent gaze! I lost myself in this mirror of your veils! Beloved, where is your worshiper?

Oh You, greatest of the great, You my friend in everything and beyond, let me burn in Your love! Let me love You till I'm consumed!

When I look inwardly, I see nothing. Except Your light that shines and reflects upon my rusty heart!

Let us turn my Friend as poor and lost dervishes! Let us sing your names while our robes roll in the airs in You honor! Lahilaha ilallah!

I laugh in the night in Your company! You are so surprising, so unique, so everything! What a fool You make of me!

You're so close sometimes! You make fun of us my Friend as if we were toys in Your hands! Fill my glass with Your wine!

Without Love, there is nothing left around. Beloved, keep love in my heart!

On the path to God, there are deserts. I cross one of them right now, with a damaged 'I'.

I always knew there was noone inside me. If there can be a light, it comes from you, Beloved Friend.

I feel weak and empty and words are flying out far from me. This is time for You to come closer.

I wish I could speak - but words are lost / I wish I could find back the pieces of me - but me is void

Only You my friend can read the emptiness of my self, only filled with Your reflection.

In the silence of the night, my Friend, You are here, dancing with the worlds.

So many different paths lead to you, my Friend! And so many paths don't! Make me forget all intellectual burdens to be closer to You!

Our path towards the Divine is long and perilous, because there are so many obstacles in the way. Beloved Friend, accept my company!

My Friend, what can I say when you steal me from myself? What can I say when the 'I' does not even exist ?

When I see You, I see no more parts of You. When I see You, 'I' doesn't mean anything anymore.

My Beloved, You are the Constraint Maker and the One Who Frees minds and hearts. You are beyond all opposites. Help me polish my heart!

I am so imperfect when I look inside that I just cannot thank You enough for the feeling of Your mercy.

I said too many useless things, I thought so many silly things and did so many things I regret. No-one can see me as I do - except Thou.

My sweet Friend, the contact with the material world is managed by your three gunas. Let me be untied by the three gunas.

Too many useless words spoken by too many verbose people. This won't change You, dearest friend.

What shadows could touch me when I am with You and the shadows of I became lights in your reflect?

In the cold night of the past day, the exhausted silence is full of Your blessing.

I don't want to add anything between us: just the space of a breath; just the time I forgets I to let the space to You.

I could weep a full ocean that it would not reimburse one second of what I owe You!

How much I love You, Beloved Friend! How near to my heart You are!

My Beloved, You are so smart that you make me laugh. You must admit You play with us sometimes!

Dearest Friend, Thou knowest that I only act as a present to Thou. But is it 'I' that is acting or Thou?

My love is You - my sins are me.

Lord, my Friend - forgive! Because no one else knows all my sins better than You do!

Apart from Love, there is Love. Apart from You, my dearest friend, there is You. How can I even think that I exist?

In the freezing night of the orange moon, close to my window, a owl is hooting in the silence. It praises the Beloved too.

In silence, Thou art, my beloved friend.

Beloved, Your smile gives me strength.

Blessed be all the ones that worship Thou, my Friend!

There are so many ways the Shaytan is messing with people's mind: his name is Legion and your name, Beloved, is One.

In the starry cold night, I pray You, Beloved Friend, and sometimes I pray you so much that 'I' disappear in You! Alhamdulillah!

Thou art One for my heart and Thou appears to me as many for my mental.

When You, Beloved, are here, I do not exist anymore.